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Sara Jessica Parker’s Mole Breaks Out

by | 17th, July 2008

IN “SJP and her incredible vanishing MOLE”, the Mirror’s looks at the face of Sara Jessica Parker, Sex and the City’s Fanny Hill.

The mole, Mirror readers are commended to note, has gone from the greater SJP chin. There are before and after pictures of SJP, and hackette Sara Wallis’ invites readers to “spot the difference”. But the game is not all that challenging because the paper’s graphic’s wizard has circled the mole and where the mole isn’t with blue biro.

“It’s gone,” says the paper’s observant Polly Hudson. “Sara Jessica Parker’s world famous chin mole – the thing that made SJP SJP – has gone.”

SJP is now just another jobbing actress, whereas the mole is writing a bleed ‘n’ tell book on life with SJP, Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe – not too shabby for a humble growth that began life as an extra on Casualty…

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