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Shaun Bailey On The Ego Of Knife Crime

by | 17th, July 2008

CONSERVATIVE candidate Shaun Bailey on knife-crime:

I know what it’s like to come from a poor background, growing up in a tough area, north Kensington. But it’s no excuse. Much has been made of the link between poverty and crime: it’s often used as an excuse for seriously anti-social behaviour. But few of these stabbings are motivated by robbery. They are much more about bullying and simply inflicting injuries upon others to exert power.

Another commonly held belief is that young people who get involved in knife crime have low self-esteem. I’ve been a youth worker for more than 19 years and I’ve found that many of those involved in these types of crimes actually have a very high opinion of themselves – this is part of what allows them to justify their actions to themselves.

They mug and stab and bully because they think they are better than you…

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