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Will The Real Sven Goran Eriksson Please Add Up

by | 18th, July 2008

WHAT happens to an impersonator when their muse retires from frontline life?

The real Sven Goran Eriksson, slipped back hair, Cuban heels, look of man trying on new glasses in an outlet of Boots, is the new manager of the Mexico national side.

Also in Mexico is Svenís look-alike, Derek Williams. News is that Mr Williams has been given a tour of Club Universidad Nacional’s stadium.

Derek Williams reportedly spoke to Universidad Nacional’s coach, Ricardo Ferretti, who tells us: “To be honest I was quite amused. The fake Eriksson told me that he was watching my players ahead of his next call-ups, and I believed him.”

Easy to laugh at the foreigner taken in by the foreigner pretending to be what he is not. But, then, what price that Williams was in charge of the England team at the 2002 World Cup, allowing Sven to spend the summer on an accountancy summer camp in Norway?

Might Ulrika Johnsson and others of Svenís conquests now wonder if they too were taken in?

Meanwhile, over in Iraq, the family of Omar Usman are wondering why dad speaks in an Iraqi accent and insists on holding family meetings in which anything less then 100 per cent of the vote it met with imprecation and the sound of gun fireÖ

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