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Madeleine McCann: English Request For Secrecy

by | 18th, July 2008

ANORAK looks at developments in the Madeleine McCann case. Writes AGW on the Forums:

While Robert Murat and Co .were settling large sums of money in London’s High Court yesterday there appears to have an intriguing little development in Portugal. It may not have been a good day to bury bad news – it travels very quickly these days.

The Portuguese tabloid Correio Da Manha produced a Page One lead with no mention of Mr Murat or his new riches.

It says under the banner headline:
English in Portimao to protect secrecy

‘CM’ reveals : Found 15 of the 19 genetic markers
A magistrate and two policemen, including Stuart Prior, responsible for liaison with PJ, were yesterday at the Court of Portimão to try to convince Magellan Meneses, prosecutor, not to release the secret of justice of the whole process of disappearance of Madeleine. One of the things that the British claim that it is not known is the report of the laboratory in Birmingham, which states that “15 of the 19 genetic markers found traces collected in a bag in the car the couple coincide [with the child disappeared].
The claim (request)was denied”

We are grateful to two Opinions posters, firstly Rasputin and Jo for the information and Google translations. The subsequent discussion in the Opinion section of the site has been about the reason for such a request.

Was it bad day? Does anyone have a close contact in Portugal who can tell us exactly what is going on?

Was the request to suppress evidence and, if so, what evidence? What reasons were given for that request and was the request made in open court? Do other Portuguese newspapers carry the story?

Our view is this may be very important.

What is interesting about the posting above is my assumption you will all know instantly I am referring to the case of the missing child Madeleine McCann and the police investigation into it…and you probably did. Frightening isn’t it?

From my point of view a good bit is the Google translation converts what would have been a Sun/ Mirror/ Express/ Mail banner screaming Exclusive!!!!! as the Correio Da Manha bleating “CM reveals”…not quite what the sub-editors intended at all…take look via the link above.

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