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Charles Harb And Cheerleading The Terrorists

by | 20th, July 2008

IN the Guardian Charles Harb bangs the terrorists’ drum:

Hizbullah’s unbudging resistance to Israel – and the results that has achieved – explains its clout in the Arab world.

Let’s hear it for the Nazis:

The difference between the two approaches cannot be stronger and echoes dramatically in Arab public opinion polls. It is no surprise that the Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah comes on top of the popularity contest in all surveyed Arab countries (including Saudi Arabia and Egypt), and by a large margin. The battle for hearts and minds was indisputably won by those who offered to resist the “US-Israeli axis of evil”.

And get this:

Current western support for Arab dictators and the associated labelling of resistance movements as terrorist organisations may not be to its best interest. Striking mutually beneficial deals with those that more closely represent Arab populations rather than with the corrupt dictators that rule them may have better long-term pay-offs. Perhaps the election of a new US president will usher a more peaceful era for the war-weary Middle East.

Translation: Perhaps Barack Obama will turn on Israel…

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