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Polar Bear Watch: Polar Bear Eat

by | 21st, July 2008

POLAR Bear Watch: Anorak’s look at polar bears in the news

In “Eating Polar Bears Is Okay in Greenland”, the New York Times’s Nathan Myhrvold does what the headline says on the tinned meat: he eats polar bear in Greenland, not Germany:

Salik, my guide for the trip, is an excellent case in point. Salik is a native Greenlander who has worked in tourism — previously as head of tourism for South Greenland. However he also had lived and worked extensively in Germany and developed a taste for beer.

Ah, Germany, where the polar bears live.

I’d like to say that global warming was evident during my visit, but that is not really the case. Indeed, Salik tells me that he and most Greenlanders are pretty skeptical about it.

The prawns have moved north, as they have before many times. But there is meat aplenty

On our last day, just when I thought strange eating was over, Salik surprised me with his favorite meat of all — braised polar bear…I tasted the polar bear — it was coarse textured meat, probably from the leg, and Salik was right, it was delicious.

Tell Germany to rename the zoos as polar bear farms. Don’t let them die in vain

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