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Dudley Mosque And Islamic Cathedrals For Equality

by | 22nd, July 2008

TO Dudley, and the Express’s news: “22,000 says ‘no’ to mosque but it still gets the go-ahead”?

Says one resident of the locale:

“This mosque, which will be one of the biggest outside London with a 65ft tower, will dwarf Dudley church and the wishes of 22,000 people who protested against it.”

The same unnamed source then says the structure will “overshadow our homes”.

As it says here:

“The proposed site has been unused and contaminated since the factory that previously stood there was demolished, and we have no knowledge of any other interest in the site since it became vacant.”

The Express fails to say how many homes will be overshadowed by the mosque, but anyone living close to a toxic site may have other concerns.

In any case, it is a planning matter, as the Express says in it editorial:

“Perhaps Dudley’s Islamic population could agree a compromise: their mosque should get the go-ahead but only after a series of cathedrals have been built in Muslim countries throughout the world so as to allow local Christians to worship free from the fear of persecution.”

That’s a challende the Dudley Muslim Association cannot ignore. No sooner said than done. Thanks to the proative and all powerful DMA You can visit the following cathedrals:

Cathédrale de Notre Dame d’Afrique, Algiers
St Mary’s Cathedral, Dhaka
Katedral Santa Maria Diangkat ke Surga, Jakarta
Dormition of the Virgin Mary Cathedral, Damascus
St. John’s Cathedral, İzmir
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Abu Dhabi
Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Alexandria
Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, Faisalabad
Vank Cathedral, Isfahan

And many more.

Right then that the Dudley mosque has been approved, after the initial rejection:

The Dudley Mulsim Association took their fight to a public inquiry and now a Government planning inspector has ruled in its favour, granting its appeal against the council’s refusal of outline planning permission.

Kurshid Ahmed, chairman of the Dudley Muslim Association, calls it a “victory for common sense and democracy and a defeat for prejudice and bigotry.”

Anorak calls it a building…

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