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Killer Cutlery: Knives, Forks And Spoons

by | 22nd, July 2008

KNIFE crime continues to occupy minds in the tabloids, and the Sun brings news of “knife sold to boy, 11”.

Shocking stuff as “little” Jarraed Riddiford “brandishes” a knife he bought “in a shop”, and not from a street knife dealer.

Knives can be dangerous in the wrongs hands, that much is certain, but Jarraed’s stubby knife appears only marginally more menacing than the spoon it is attached to – together they form a multi-tool, available from all good and bad branches of Aldi.

Says “horrified mum” Eileen: “In the wrong hands something like that could be very dangerous.”

Indeed, the spoons, which Jarraed’s brandishes could remove an eye, or be used to mercilessly discipline the employee who sold the little lad the cutlery…

Note: eat with your fingers, kids, it’s safer…

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