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Star Of Wonder: Balthazar Getty On Sienna Miller

by | 23rd, July 2008

TIME to find out more, then, about Balthazar Getty, one of the Three Wise Men who have come to adore Sienna Miller.

After gifts of fame (Law) and more fame (Ifans), Balthazar brings Sienna a photo montage in Hello, featuring pictures of him at his converted Tuscan barn holding a stick of frankincense, wearing a gold watch, sat on a sofa, and taking in the waters of his private swimming pool of myrrh dressed in his humble jeans and shirt.

The Express takes up the story of how the father of four has left his wife and travelled far on its front page: “Marriage split of Getty heir linked to Sienna.”

Says Balthazar, for it is written:

The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience, especially when children are involved. In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the internet [of he kissing a topless Miller on the top], which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that, yes indeed, my wife and I have separated. I will not be commenting any further.

He might not be adding more to already lengthy comment, but the Mirror is. “SIENNA’S SHAME,” says the front-page headline. “Humiliated wife’s fury.”

Sienna Miller is the star of wonder…

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