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Rules On How To Interact With Foreigners In China

by | 23rd, July 2008

PEACEFUL Rise tells us: “How to Interact with Foreigners, and other Olympics Propaganda” – like it says on the poster:

Today I happened across a new series of posters on the neighborhood propaganda bulletin boards about etiquette to be observed during the Olympics…Always curious to understand more about Chinese behavior towards us Western folk, I stopped to take a closer look. Most delightful was a list of eight questions Chinese are not to ask us:

Rules for Interacting with Foreigners

Don’t ask about income or expenses, don’t ask about age, don’t ask about love life or marriage, don’t ask about health, don’t ask about someone’s home or address, don’t ask about personal experience, don’t ask about religious beliefs or political views, don’t ask what someone does.

Ergo: Pretend to be English…

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