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Sarah Brown Is Fashionably Latte

by | 28th, July 2008

SARAH Brown, wife to Prime Minister Gordon Brown (correct at time of writing) is on the Times’s front page. Why?

The paper’s Janice Turner explains:

We are at Good Housekeeping magazine’s celebrity accessories swap, held at the North London home of Kathy Lette, the punning Aussie author.

Also there are: Dannii Minogue, Fay Weldon, Ruby Wax, Lynda La Plante – Kathy Lette’s eclectic gang of gal pals.”

I ask Kathy Lette what she plans to swap and, snapping into character, she says: “My husband.” She’d like to trade the QC Geoffrey Robertson for Penny Smith’s bloke but actually she is donating a strange Moschino bag shaped like a milk carton.

Sarah Brown arrives:

When asked by the photographer to ham it up, to pretend to fight with Kathy Lette over a shoe, Sarah plays along, but her shrewd feline eyes hold a look of irony and bemusement that say: “OK, if this is really what you want . . .”

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