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One-Legged Thief Outruns Police

by | 30th, July 2008

HEADLINE of the day:

“A one-legged car thief out-ran police in a 130 miles an hour chase”

It gets better:

Crack police drivers were unable to corner the mono-ped speeder for three-days.

I mean come on! If he were a three-legged dragster that would be understandable. It just makes a totally mockery of the traditional concept of Institutionally downtrodden one-legged disablement.

“A month after losing his leg in a road smash 18-year-old Dennis O’Brien evaded police in Cleveland and County Durham for three days in a stolen £35,000 BMW.” says the Northern Echo.

“When cornered on a motorway slip road, he reversed at speed along an embankment and footpath. He was caught sitting in the passenger seat of the car with the engine running and denied being the driver.”

The BMW 335 diesel automatic had false plates and was stolen from Hull. The full story is in the Northern Echo and it is worth reading to the end. Particularly the bit about the lad being left to hop about for six months while he waiting for sentence. He’ll have to, he’s got a temporary ban which is particularly good since one of the offences he admitted was driving while disqualified. He’s banned already.

I’ll bet we hear more from young Dennis the Motorway Menace One-legged arse-kicking contests springs to mind if the BMW owner ever catches up with him.

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