Anorak News | Acting Up A Storm: Coronation Street Cops Beaten Black And Blue

Acting Up A Storm: Coronation Street Cops Beaten Black And Blue

by | 31st, July 2008

“BACKLASH over Coronation Street’s girl-on-girl gang violence storyline,” screams the Mail.

Coronation Street is show scenes of two fictional characters – policewomen Mel Morton and Abi Sharpe – being beaten up by a troupe of actresses.

The Mail is appalled.

“But after almost five decades on air, Coronation Street is set to deliver its biggest shock yet with gratuitous scenes of girl-on-girl gang violence.”

There are four large colour stills of the “gratuitous violence” on the Mail’s website. View them at your own risk.

“And the scenes are made all the more appalling after appearing to capitalise on the fears of escalating teen violence across Britain’s streets… It is a new low for the programme…”

How can they show such violence? For shame!

Fansites were today attracting angry comments from viewers with some even accusing the show of encouraging violence among teenagers.

Might Mail readers be pricked into committing acts of gratuitous violence by seeing such images in the newspaper? There is much fury and gnashing of teeth. There is, as the headline says, a “backlash”.

Broadcast regulator Ofcom today revealed it had received one pre-transmission complaint over the violence featured in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street.


The scene ends with one actress lying on the floor pretending to be dead.

A spokeswoman for the show said: “Girl violence is a modern-day issue and these scenes show Coronation Street has got its finger on the pulse.”

Is there a pulse?

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