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David Miliband And Barack Obama: Separated At Birth

by | 31st, July 2008

DAVID Miliband would be Labour Leader.  David Miliband would be leader of the Opposition (surely Prime Minister? -Ed)

David Miliband is for Change, just like Barack Obama. You don’t suppose…

“Labour facing civil war”, according to the Daily Mail.

“Brown furious over Miliband treachery”, says the Daily Express. “Gordon Brown was ‘incandescent’ with rage over a challenge to his authority…” Voice call the foreign secretary “condescending”, “patronising” and “crappy”.

“Brains versus Brown” says the Sun.

The Telegraph’s Ivan Lewis says “timidity and incremental change will not deal with the way people feel right now”.

The Mirror’s Bob Roberts – says Brown will annoint Miliband as his heir apparent, thereby avoiding a leadership challenge now. Like the Soviets used to do.

Picture: Poldraw

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