Anorak News | Georgia Davis Is Britain’s Fattest Teenager, For Now

Georgia Davis Is Britain’s Fattest Teenager, For Now

by | 1st, August 2008

NO small achievement for 33 stone Georgia Davis, Britain’s fattest teenager.

Who would have thought a 15-year-old poker could make it to the front of the nation’s biggest-selling newspaper. It’s just amazing how fair people can be.

Of course time is of the essence. Georgia won’t be Britain’s fattest teenager forever. The competition grows by the minute, and Georgia turns 20 in five years. Maybe.

As the Sun says: “And doctors have told her she could drop dead any moment.”

Let’s hope the Sun’s snapper has a fast exposure lens, best enabling him to capture the moment Miss Davis falls to the grass, perhaps accounting for the chair she is leaning on.

Inside the paper, and the secret of Georgia’s fame is revealed over the course of a cake, packet of biscuits, plate of chips, six packet of crisps, gallon of cola, lasagne, two loaves of bread and a wafer.

The Sun’s Sharon Hendry says Georgia’s “only hope is the Wellspring academy in North Carolina, USA”.

Or being locked in a room with pile of lettuce, some water and a wheel to run on…

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