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Madeleine McCann: Tabloid Bingo With Tony Parsons And Catherine And Ben Mullany

by | 2nd, August 2008

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TONY Parsons has written about Madeleine McCann before. He has empathised with the parents. He has criticised the sardine-munching Portuguese. He has seen Jesus. Parsons gets it. Even his child gets it.

Catherine and Ben Mullany are on honeymoon in Antigua. They are shot. She is dead. He is braindead. Is there a link between them and Madeleine McCann.? Eyes down for Tabloid Bingo. Parsons knows:

Casual security, bungling cops and paradise suddenly turning into hell – the horrific murder of the Antigua honeymoon bride has echoes of the Madeleine McCann case.


But everything that makes them attractive – the laid-back attitude, the heat, a police force that enjoys an afternoon nap – make them bad places to be when the real world kicks the door down.

Mad dogs and Englishmen:

And this is what the horror in Antigua shares most with the case of missing Maddy – it is a crime so unspeakable that it changes the way we look at the world.

If a honeymoon couple can be shot in the Caribbean, and if a child can be stolen from the Algarve, then where on earth is safe?

The Mirror’s newsroom has never been kidnapped…

Catherine Mullany will never return from her honeymoon. Her husband Ben is braindead. Maddy McCann is still missing. We would all love to believe that the wicked world we know at home goes away for a week or two when we are on our holidays.

Read the new improved Mirror website anywhere in the world. Read Parsons, a man who can put murder and a child disappeared child in the context of capitalism:

A vast amount of money flows into the region from the tourist industry.

But I have never seen any evidence that much of it reaches the locals. These holidays don’t come cheap. So why are the locals living on peanuts?

Maybe the poo think that if they earn money they will want to travel abroad and so be shot, kidnapped, raped…

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