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Carol Voderman And The Market For Celebrity Talent

by | 2nd, August 2008

CAROL Vorderman is worth what the market can stand:

But between them, Vorderman and the TV station have proved there is a market in talent – a fact the BBC’s trustees failed to grasp in their report on stars’ pay in June 2008. They concluded that performers like Jonathan Ross are not paid more than the market rate – even though the BBC won the auction for him by outbidding rivals.

The trustees did not realise that with so few buyers of talent (and C4 now proving it cannot bid with the big boys) the BBC is the market. And it did not realise that an employer creates the value of its stars by giving them formats and exposure – just as Channel 4 created much of Miss Vorderman’s value.

The Countdown experience should teach the BBC that wages go down as well as up. It is a lesson for boardrooms too.

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