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Got Wood: Ekaterina Ivanova On Her Rolling Stone Etching

by | 3rd, August 2008

HAPPY birthday Ekaterina Ivanova, the 18-year-old Muscoviote born 20 years ago in Kazakhstan, who has been on a panting by numbers with Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

Says Ivanova in the News of the World: “I’m not even from Russia. I’m from a tiny country called Kyrgyzstan.”

Such are the facts. But what of the love? Says Ivanova: “It wasn’t like kissing a 61-year-old. It was electric. There was a spark.”

Customers at the bar where the couple met may look to the nylon carpet, consider Ronnie’s hair, and recreate the moment by rubbing themselves on the floor with a rare fury.

Anorak could ask what Ivanova thought kissing a 61-year would be like, and if she practiced for the moment by sticking her tongue in a hollowed out melon or old leather shoe. “I love ’60s stuff,” says Ivanova.

Says she: “I won’t talk about the sex out of respect for Ronnie and me.”

And what with this being a Sunday, and many of us eating our breakfast, best not.

But what of the age gap? Ha! What age gap? Says Ivanova:

“His age wasn’t important. I didn’t think about his age as we were kissing. It didn’t occur to me”

“You don’t think about the age”

“Everyone goes on about my age and how young I am”

“I forgot about the age difference. I didn’t even think about it”

Ronnie Wood is an etching…

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