Anorak News | The War On Salt With CAOSH, Emma Thompson And Norfolk Council’s Shaker Police

The War On Salt With CAOSH, Emma Thompson And Norfolk Council’s Shaker Police

by | 3rd, August 2008

THE man from the Consensus Action On Salt Health is on the BBC’s breakfast show. He’s the man from CAOSH.

Anorak wonders if Sean Connery is a member of CAOSH, or, as is more likely, fighting it in his guise as James Bond?

Emma Thompson, the actress, is not a member of CAOSH. Says she in the Sunday Times:

There is no greater partnership, when on a rock, than that of egg and crisp. Textural reasons present themselves immediately – even, perhaps, to those who have never sampled the above. The softness of the egg marries beautifully with the edges of the crisp – of course it does. That much is obvious. But one can extrapolate the pleasures still further.

Thompson is OK with salty crisps, although she may soon come with a health warning, being as she is overly rich, fruity and syrupy.

Thompson is writing, and the man from CAOSH is talking, because there is a war on salt.

West Norfolk Council is dispatching around 200 shakers to all chip shops in their area. These cutting-edge health shakers have four holes instead of the normal 17. It is thought that forcing people to shake more vigorously will enable them to burn off the same calories as one pickled onion (23 shakes), pickled egg (47 shakes) or a batted sausage (2.3 million shakes), and thus make fish ‘n’ chips a healthier option.

But one council disguising salt shakers as pepper shakers cannot win the war on salt alone, and the Food Standards Agency has called for salt content to be reduced to 2.13g per 100g by 2010 and to 1.75g by 2012.

Salt is a preservative and ham and bacon processors say the move will reduce the shelf life of products, and put customers off. And is salt free bacon at all, and not just slivers of pork?

It’s the future. It’s CAOSH…

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