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Beijing 2008: No Grenades Or Sports Equipment Allowed

by | 3rd, August 2008

COMRADES! The Games in Beijing are almost upon us and here follows a proclamation. Prohibited items in Olympic Green:

In accordance with national law, like elsewhere in the country, guns, grenades, gun powder, explosives, and other dangerous articles in this category are forbidden. In addition, everyday objects that may potentially affect security, such as glass bottles, hot water thermoses, coolers, and other such items used to carry things cannot be brought into competition grounds. No banners or other material bearing slogans are permitted.


With the exception of strollers and wheelchairs, no supportive equipment is allowed. Whistles, horns, radios, walkie-talkies, speakers, drums, sticks, or sharp objects that may be harmful are also not permitted. Sports equipment, suitcases, large bags, and professional camera equipment will not be allowed into the Olympic Green.

No javelins, long poles, spiked shoes, air pistols, too-tight lycra bodices, bows and arrows, heavy disc-shaped weights, metal balls, metal frisbees shaped into discs, boxing gloves, épées, sabres and foils,  gold medalions, silver medalions, bronze medalions, oars, kayaks, wrestlers and pepple called Colin…

That is all…

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