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Guardian BAns Islamofascism

by | 3rd, August 2008

NO Islamofascism at the Guardian:

Dear User,

The paragraph “Bigotry towards ethnic minorities, subjugation of women, hatred of gays, denial of the right of Israel to even exist, murderous hostility to organised labour – all these are the classic characteristics of both European fascism and current Islamofascism” was deemed to be in violation of the community standards – we do not deem the use of the word ‘islamofascism’ acceptable or useful in intelligent debate, especially when made in sweeping generalisations about all members of a religion.




Dear Charlie,

Thanks for your message. I am writing as senior moderator to confirm that on Comment Is Free moderators do remove comments that use the word ‘Islamofascism’, as an inflammatory and innaccurate term. You are welcome to repost your comment, amending Islamofascism to Islamism, to reflect your meaning accurately, and the revised version will be allowed to stand. If you wish to query this decision further, I can refer your complaint on.

Best wishes,



It’s resolved. But…

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