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Ben Mullany And A Cloud Over The Holiday Wars

by | 4th, August 2008

“HONEYMOON shooting,” says the Express on its front page. “Bridegroom dies after brave fight.”

Ben Mullany has died, murdered along with his wife Catherine while on holiday in Antigua. The Express is nothing if not sensitive. Says the paper, also on its front page:


While readers wonder if the war will be bloody, the Mirror shows that it has learnt much from the case of Robert Murat. There’s a question on its front page:


Detectives said they believe Clarence James, who sells odds and ends on the nearby beaches, met the couple and may even have taken them on a driving tour of the island.

James, nicknamed Cloud, allegedly has no satisfactory alibi for the time of the 5am shooting. He is said to have a previous conviction for having an illegal gun and admitted to police that he sells marijuana.

Such is the evidence. Got any more?

Suspect James, who is in his 30s, has a reputation as a “cheeky chappie” who regularly befriends holidaymakers. He is a well known vendor around the island’s idyllic white beaches and locals say he can easily get hold of “anything you want.”

He’s the Harrod’s of St John’s:

Dreadlocked James has now been arrested twice – the last time in the early hours of Saturday. Detective Inspector Nuffield Burnette said: “We currently have two people in custody including James. James is the person we are most interested in…We are not close to charging him.”

What about those who know him?

One neighbour said: “He’s a very friendly guy, known by a lot of people. “He will sometimes wave at me and shout ‘Hey buddy!’ “

Cloud of suspicion:

One local said James’s nickname comes from the fact that he is often shrouded in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

The case is progressing well. The tabloids have a target…

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