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An Earthopoly Of Truth In Kingsnorth

by | 4th, August 2008

THE Kingsnorth climate camp has been created in protest against a modern coal-fired power station, the first to be built in 30 years. It will be built at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Ashok Sinha writes:

There’s a little village in Kent called Kingsnorth, population 7,000. You probably haven’t heard of it. It’s got a doctor’s surgery, a pub, two primary schools and a part-time post office.

Ah, bucolic Kingsnorth, scene of rural splendour. And if Sinha turns around he might just see ye olde coal-powered power station sticking over the golden fields.

E.ON UK plc is considering replacing its existing coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth power
station with two 800MW supercritical coal-fired units, as a means of maintaining
generation capacity in the area once the existing station ceases generating and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to the enhanced efficiency of the new plant. The proposed supercritical coal-fired plant is to be located within the Kingsnorth power station land holding and will be referred to as Kingsnorth units 5 and 6 or the “new units” throughout this document.

The Guardian reports that environmental campaigners and politicians have criticised the police last night after around 200 officers raided the camp, “seizing hundreds of items that they claimed could be used to break the law”.

Green MEP Carolyn Lucas, who is attending the week-long event, said police had confiscated hundreds of items including disabled access ramps, board games and fire safety equipment.

Board games?

Like Eartholpoly in which the green shirts can “Take control of the Earth – and stop global warming!”

A kind of monopoly on the truth…

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