Anorak News | Gordon Brown Swaps Number 10 For a Big Tent

Gordon Brown Swaps Number 10 For a Big Tent

by | 5th, August 2008

NEWS in the Sun that Gordon Brown is giving No.10 Downing Street “a makeover”.

He’s “ordered in the builders” as “part of massive relaunch of the Premiership”.

Anorak feels the time is right for a revamp. With the economy in a mess, if Brown can do up No. 10 and attract the right hedge fund manager, Russian oligarch, Saudi Prince or Blair scion, he can sell it for a pretty penny and move on.

To reflect his man of the people status, Brown will run the country from a starter home in Milton Keynes.

He will then live in rented accommodation in a inner city region of Glasgow, move to a croft in the Highlands and then a caravan site in Basildon.

In keeping with his big tent politics, Brown will end his term as PM (His first term, right? Ed) in a wigwam on a climate camp in Berkshire…

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