Anorak News | Looking For Barack Obama’s Love Child And Missing Brother

Looking For Barack Obama’s Love Child And Missing Brother

by | 5th, August 2008

BREAKING news in the National Enquirer of “OBAMA LOVE CHILD SCANDAL”.

Cynics and afficiandos of tabloid news, such as we are, wonder if the story is:

“Goat born out of wedlock in Japanese city of Obama”
“Barack Obama is Not a love child”
“Claude Obama III, of Wisconsin, has had love child and named it…BARACK”

Inside the magazine, and the news is: “HUNT FOR OBAMA’S SECRET LOVE CHILD.”

Indeed, if any hack can find a child Barack Obama has fathered thanks to an extra-marital affair, or a romance before he met his Michelle, it would be big news.

As yet, no-one has found the child. But they ARE looking.

The Enquirer says a “team of crack investigators is trying to ferret out proof Barack Obama is hiding a secret love child, sources reveal.”

Other sources tell Anorak that investigators are also looking for:

Evidence that Obama was born in Moscow

A secret Bible code that tells the Coming of Obama

A strange African dialect in which the words Barack Obama translates as “Satan walks among us”

Obama’s twin brother Neville, believed to be a leader of the Fathers so the Aryan Sisterhood, a cross-dressing white supremisist cult based in the Austrian Alps

Rest assured, when we find it, you’ll know… This is gonna be sen-say-shon-elle!

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