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Air Rage Is The Media’s New Road Rage

by | 5th, August 2008

“I DON’T want to get off here, because Germans don’t like black people.”

They do. They love them. They idolise them. Well, half black men, at any rate. But maybe…

Try telling that to Leanne Connor, 26, who along with pal Lynette York, 27, was arrested after “terrified crew and passengers” aboard an XL Airways flight from Kos to Manchester claimed they tried to open a door at 30,000ft”. It was Leanne who allegedly accused the German peoples of racism.

The pilot made an emergency diversion to Germany, where they were arrested, doing little to change Leanne’s view of the Germans.

The pair are waiting to hear whether they will be charged over the incident, which could see them jailed for a year. They could also be ordered to pay £16,000 in re-fuelling charges.

She Lynette: “We’re just two girls who went away for a week and had a few drinks on the plane. I’ve got to go into work this week, and I’m dreading the stick I’m going to have to take.”

Air rage – it’s all the rage:

On one American Airlines flight, a passenger drained three cocktails and then got belligerent when he was cut off. He hurled ice around the cabin and grabbed a flight attendant in the behind before being restrained by a man the AP referred to as “very large.” The saddest part of this story? The man’s wife was sitting next to him the entire time.

After landing in Guyana, a passenger in first-class became pissed off that some of the little people were being allowed to disembark before he left the plane, so he yanked open an emergency exit and slid down the yellow safety chute. The Guyanese police were not impressed. 

The man who came bursting out of a lavatory butt naked on a flight to Boston was good enough to obey the flight crew when asked to re-robe, but later was seen trying to pry open one of the emergency exit doors. He was brought to a crisis center after the plane made an emergency landing in Oklahoma City.

It seems like flight attendants get the worst of it. A crew that arrived into Miami 75 minutes late rushed through the airport to its next flight, only to be heckled and booed by passengers waiting at the gate. They refused to work the flight, and all 200 passengers ended up spending the night in a hotel.

Everyone’s doing air rage. It’s the new road rage, only more glam…


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