Anorak News | Banging Tunes: Gangsta Rap Drives Tabloid Hack To Kill

Banging Tunes: Gangsta Rap Drives Tabloid Hack To Kill

by | 6th, August 2008

DOTUN Adebayo tells Sun readers:

“After 12 hours of gangsta rap I could have knifed someone.”

The Sun hack goes native and helps to break the Broken Britain his paper writes of?

BACK in the Sixties Diana Ross and The Supremes asked: “Where did our love go?” Last Sunday I struggled to find it after subjecting myself to a diet of nothing but UK grime music for 12 hours solid. It was half a day of the most violent lyrics — written by black men about the pain they wanted to inflict on other black men. After listening to this hybrid of hip-hop and garage music, I wanted to kill someone.

Anyone in particular?

I wouldn’t, of course, because I don’t have a violent nature.

Phew! But what if he did. What then?

But if I was an aggressive man the first person to step on my foot would probably have got shanked — knifed — as is happening on the streets.

Anorak is on it. We have sat five subjects in a room for 12 hours and made them listen to various strains of music. Our findings are thus:

Subject – Music – Artist – Kill Tally

A: Pop – Cliff Richard – 19
B: Classical – Paul Potts – 27
C: Folk – James Galway – 453
D: Walt Salzburg Male Boys Choice- 34,980
E: Skiffle – The Spinners – 0

The Spinners will be played over a public address system at Anorak Towers at all times.


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