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Big Brother 9: Rex Newmark And Nicole No Mark

by | 8th, August 2008

“BIG BROTHER REX GETS THE BOOT,” announces the Star on its foremost page.

“Sexy Steph spells end for randy chef.”

Steph rhymes with chef. And that’s good enough for the story to be front-page news. But there is more.

Lovers Rex Newmark and Nicole Cammack went into meltdown yesterday as they rowed and then vowed to walk out. The pair’s romance hit the skids as Nicole raged at Rex for getting so close to BB evictee Steph.

Viewers of the show – and you know who you are – will try to work out when it was Rex got close to Stephanie McMichael, the blonde, Scouse boil-washed Sandra Bernhard. Star readers will recall Steph from her bra and knickers shots.

Nicole is Rex’s lover, parachuted into the house make up the numbers and inject some high octane moping in to events.

Rex, 24, blasted her for always crying, called her “a miserable idiot”, and reckoned she made him look “an arsehole” in front of millions of viewers.

Well, that’s Big Brother for you, making people look like arseholes for eight seasons.

But what of Rex getting the boot? Well, he hasn’t, at least not in any literal or metaphorical sense.

But in tabloidese., he’s a gonna…

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