Anorak News | Violence Erupts On Neighbours’ Set

Violence Erupts On Neighbours’ Set

by | 8th, August 2008

IN Melbourne the air is thick with fear and anticipation. Writes The Age:

Rising temperatures are likely to bring increased levels of violence to Melbourne by 2010, and are highly likely to by 2030, a report being considered by the city council finds.

2010: Neighbours, the Australian slice-of-life soap set in Melbourne, where everyone is white, everyone is nice, and every jogs along, will erupt in a flurry of ultra violence.

The draft report to council by consultancy firm Maunsell Aecom, Towards a City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, draws on research from Darwin by Australian surgeons that recently found a correlation between very hot, humid weather and hospital admissions for facial fractures caused by assault.

It’s why all chefs have flat noses…

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