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Peta Is Off Its Head: Greyhound Cannibal Strikes Blow For Animal Rights

by | 8th, August 2008

A MAN has been beheaded on a Greyhound bus in Canada. In Canda, no-one can hear you scream. It’s like living in a chicken shed, only bigger, colder and without Jamie Oliver.

Peta, the animals rights militants have not claimed responsibility for the killing, but they are using it to further their cause. They are running an advert. It goes:

 “His struggles and cries are ignored … the man with the knife shows no emotion … the victim is slaughtered and his head cut off … his flesh is eaten

“If this ad leaves a bad taste in your mouth, please give a thought to what sensitive animals think and feel when they come to the end of their frightening journey and see, hear and smell the slaughterhouse.”

Do passengers boarding a Greyhound bus sense journey’s end? Can it be that the victim of the beheading knew what has coming, it being what routinely occurs on Greyhound buses?

Lindsay Rajt of PETA explains:

“Like human victims, animals in slaughterhouses experience terror when they are attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. We are challenging everyone who is rightly horrified by this crime to look into their hearts and consider leaving violence off their dinner plates.”

That’s not a steak. That, my friend, is a knife crime. The lamb chop is part of Broken Britain. Peta tried to place the advert in a Canadian newspaper, but it never made it to print.

PETA is running the ad to make people rethink the proposition that it is, rightly so, a criminal act to kill and eat our own kind but that it’s “OK” to kill every other species but our own and eat them.

We humans are the planet’s virus. Says Peta’s Ingrid Newkirk: “I really felt that I knew that so long as there were children who needed homes it was only vanity to have your own.” She’s not reproducing. Rest easy.

If we are gong to kill anyone, please let us just kill ourselves and leave the animals alone. As Peta once wrote to Yasser Arafat:

I am writing from an organization dedicated to fighting animal abuse around the world. We have received many calls and letters from people shocked at the bombing in Jerusalem on January 26 in which a donkey, laden with explosives, was intentionally blown up.

Peta called on the Tamil Tigers to and in a letter to the Sri Lankan group’s leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, said  that “the explosive device that was set off near the zoo’s bird enclosures terrified many animals at the zoo.”

Bruce McQuain wins Headline of the Day honors for his piece on this, “PETA pleads with rebels to stick with murdering humans.”

And not to kill animals. Because that’s Peta’s job. And it loves human flesh

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