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Amy Winehouse Is An Agony Aunt

by | 9th, August 2008

AMY Winehouse is, as the Star reports, to dispense sage advice to Londoners when her father Mitch takes over Danny Baker’s show on BBC Radio London.

Given her apparent state of agony, she is, fittingly, to be the station’s agony aunt.

Danny Baker’s Treehouse is required listening at Anorak Towers, and we will tune in for Winehouse and Winehouse’s Out Of Her Treehouse with equal vigour.

What advice Winehouse will administer to Londoners is uncertain, but listen out for advice and tips on:

Teach your hair to heel, beg and play dead to keep its nose wet and shiny…

Always put the blow on the tobacco, never the tobacco on the blow…

How not to lose your guys for ten days, two weeks solitary or on the way home form the pub…

Walk you route to the sweetshop well in advance to avoid confusion when tired and emotional. This will prevent you from asking a bank cashier for twenty salmon, a packet of Vera’s and some banana Vitamalt. Although given the credit crunch, they might oblige. Think on…

Keep a copy of a tabloid newspaper handy at all time to remind you who you are and what you did last night…

Yes. Or no. Sometimes yes and no…

We’ve a caller on Line 1. Go ahead caller. “This is Ian Blair and I’d…”

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