Anorak News | China Prepares For War And Russia Thirsts For Georgia

China Prepares For War And Russia Thirsts For Georgia

by | 10th, August 2008

CHINA and Russia are gearing up for War. Awaken the Terracotta warriors:

In Russia:

When Russian tanks and troops poured into the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia yesterday, it was not, as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, part of a ‘peacekeeping mission.’ It was part of an imperialist mission whose undeclared goal is to reabsorb the whole of Georgia – West-leaning Georgia with its critical oil pipeline supplying energy to an increasingly thirsty Europe – into mother Russia.

In China:

Thousands of fully uniformed Chinese soldiers were an overwhelming presence. A gleaming white tank was stationed on nearby Beichen Road. Surface-to-air missiles were positioned near the stadium. Virtually every intersection within miles was patrolled by police and soldiers.


A highly visible force of 110,000 soldiers and police officers patrol the capital, aided by 290,000 citizens wearing armbands and shirts identifying them as “security volunteers.” Some neighborhoods seem to have more guards than residents.


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