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Russia’s Tribute To Enemas Of The People

by | 11th, August 2008

IN Russia they are celebrating enemas:

The world’s first monument unusually dedicated to enema treatments has been unveiled at a health center in the southern Russia’s town of Zheleznovodsk.

“As gastroenterology is the main treatment area at the Zheleznovodsk spa center, it was decided to create such a unique monument, which is both funny and vital,” said Alexander Kharchenko, the director of the center.

The 1.5 meter-high bronze sculpture, weighing 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds), portrays “three angel-like children carrying above their heads a big pear-like enema,” the center director said.

The initiative to erect the sculpture was proposed by the center’s administration, where hundreds of similar procedures are carried out every day.

The artist speaks:

At first I was worried when I was asked to do the sculpture”, Avakova said. “But I decided to take inspiration from a classic.”

Botticelli’s Venus and Mars shows three infants stealing a weapon from the God of War as the Goddess of Love watches.

“The irony is that the little infants steal the weapons of Mars. They joke with him, with the god of war, and war is a tragedy.”

“Likewise, an enema is an unpleasant procedure as many of us may know. But when cherubs do it, it’s all right.”

Flushed with success….

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