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Madeleine McCann: Bet On Maddie, Belgium Or Bust And More Jokes

by | 12th, August 2008

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THE SUN: “I’d bet all that I own it was her”

THE bank security guard who saw a child like Madeleine McCann insisted yesterday: “I would bet everything I own that it was her.”

The spotter in Brussels…. Is betting in the bank allowed? Is this a sign of the credit crunch? A bet’s a bet. How much you got?

The Belgian capital is tipped to rival Amsterdam as the sex capital of Europe.

Tipped by whom, the Sun’s man in the know?

“I sold an ice cream to ‘Maddie’”

It’s a claim to fame…

A STREET vendor told last night how he sold an ice cream to a girl he believes was Madeleine McCann eight days ago. The sad English child was spotted with a woman in Brussels, Belgium, by Antonio Migliardi.

Mr Migliardi is pictured holding an ice cream. It is chocolate, although forensics claim it might be coffee.

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed that chocolate was Maddie’s favourite ice cream flavour.

“Probe hit ‘dead end’ last year”

THE judge in the Maddie McCann probe decided investigations were at a “dead end” — seven months before Kate and Gerry were cleared, it emerged last night.


Prosecutors had asked several times for permission to access SMS texts and mobile locations of the McCanns’ Tapas Nine holiday pals, the police case files reveal. This was denied until December 12 when Judge Pedro Anjos Frias relented, stating: “It is evident the investigation is at a dead end.

What evidence, sorry, evident?

“Therefore, the information requested by the prosecution should be provided by telephone operators, as from them there may be results.”

DAILY MIRROR (front page): “HOW COULD THEY? Judge blast at police ‘dead end’ hunt for Madeleine”



24 hours from… Wait for it…. Now!

MADELEINE McCann’s parents could find out if she is alive in the next 24 hours. They think a girl captured on CCTV cameras at a Belgian bank just a week ago could be the daughter they have not seen for 15 months.


The information is being co-ordinated by Belgian federal prosecutor Lieve Pellens. Yesterday she told the Daily Express: “We have received 30 new leads in the past week. Some claim to have seen Madeleine in Brussels while others have spotted her in the north of the country.”

Can they all be Maddie..?

The new clues bring the number of “Madeleine sightings” in Belgium to 135 since she went missing in May last year.

One in 135… Is that asking so very much?

Ms Pellens added: “Many people in Belgium have followed the Madeleine case and everyone is desperate to help. In some cases the girl who is spotted is speaking Flemish but in other instances the girl seen is speaking English.”

Bright girl. Fast learner.

“The information in each case is being checked and each lead is being followed up. But we are still waiting for the golden information that will lead us to her.”

THE SCOTSMAN: “Madeleine CCTV appeal fails”

A WOMAN captured on CCTV in Belgium a week ago with a young girl resembling Madeleine McCann has failed to come forward despite appeals.

THE GUARDIAN: “Edinburgh festival rapid review: Scott Capurro”

The theme: All that’s sacred. Let me consult my notes … erm … cancer, the prophet Muhammad, paedophilia, fisting, abortion, the word “nigger”, Madeleine McCann, Aids, Catholicism, anal rape … That enough for you? Even so, it does not begin to convey the depth and range of offence that Capurro sets out to cause.

Capurro is no Sadowitz, but he tries so very hard to be funny.

Audience participation: Sharp intakes of breath, continuous heckles, the mass departure of one entire row in protest at Capurro’s McCann material. Some laughter.

Madeleine McCann: Have you seen her?

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