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Blake Aldridge’s Olympic Challenge

by | 12th, August 2008

BLAKE Aldridge. Do you know who he is? Have a guess. Is he:

a) The Banker on Deal Or No Deal?
b) John Edwards’ love child?
c) A British Olympic athlete?

The answer is C. Blake Aldridge is “the diving partner of teenage British sensation Tom Daley”.

That’s Daley, 14, on the cover of the Mail, but not Aldridge. “What made the boy wonder lose his cool?” asks the paper. In the spirit of competition – this is an Olympic year – let’s see if you can guess:

a) Too many late nights?
b) A spot on his chin?
c) Nothing

The answer is C.

Says Blake:

“Unfortunately, it’s a partnership and you both have to be on top of your game. I was on top of my game but Tom was nowhere near the top of his game. I outdived Tom and that’s not normally something that happens. It’s because Tom had a lot more pressure on him than me.”

That sounds not entirely unreasonable. Tom has said very little – no meltdown, no strop, no hissy fit. Blake has also been pretty cool. So who’s not cool?

Says Tom’s dad:

“This was Blake’s only competition and the Games are finished for him. I just hope he doesn’t upset Tom because he has another to deal with in 11 days. If he does, he will have me to deal with.”

“BELLY STROP,” says the Mirror on its cover. “Olympic dive star Tom’s bust-up with partner.”

You know, the big row with whatshisface…

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