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Saudi Arabia Wants to Punish Nissan

by | 13th, August 2008

“HAWKS should peck at you day and night,” screams the Saudi oil baron as he surveys the fuel-efficient Nissan.

Says the voice-over: “It’s clear the oil companies won’t like you.”

It’s a hackneyed joke, an inexpensive stereotypical gag, and not all that funny. But it gets more amusing:

It’s my opinion that Nissan made a huge error by igniting these [racist] instincts,” official Hani al-Wafa told MBC TV, a Saudi-run station headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “We need to apply punishments… against these things. In order for Nissan to keep its interests in the region, it must apologize.”

Yes, let’s not have arcane images of Arabs over-reacting and vowing disproportionate and painful retribution over the merest perceived slight…

If you want to know what enlightened stuff they show on Saudi telly look below:

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