Anorak News | Olympic Ballls: China Warns Againt Drugs, Bombs And Journalists

Olympic Ballls: China Warns Againt Drugs, Bombs And Journalists

by | 13th, August 2008

CALLING all Chinese volunteers in Beijing: “Watch out for drugs, bombs and journalists!”

Writes Liu Jingjing:

Apart from biological weapons and bombing incidents, they are told to keep a lookout for journalists…

Some “student” volunteers who are responsible for receiving Western media gave us a very clear sign: in their eyes, journalists are no different to ‘fierce floods and savage beasts‘.

Volunteers in charge of receiving foreign media have been trained with plenty of skills to face the media. For example, not taking the initiative to talk to foreign journalists: When reporters ask questions, they should say “I do not know the specific circumstances” as much as possible. When a reporter asks to take his or her picture, the volunteers should not look at the lens, because people can easily misunderstand that “volunteers are eager to have photographs taken.”

One volunteer said that in addition to biological and chemical weapons attacks and bombings, volunteers were told to guard against journalists, so they say that their job is to “prevent drugs, prevent bombs, and prevent journalists.”

A journalists with drugs…

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