Anorak News | Woman Sells Husband’s Mistress’s Knickers On eBay

Woman Sells Husband’s Mistress’s Knickers On eBay

by | 14th, August 2008

WOMAN sells husband mistress’s knickers on eBay:

A SCORNED Queensland woman is literally airing her husband’s dirty laundry on a global scale by auctioning his mistress’s knickers on eBay.

In a spiteful listing on eBay Australia, the jilted woman is auctioning off a pair of lacy black underpants “size humongous” and an empty condom wrapper “size small” found in her bed after her husband allegedly engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman named Kylie.

The seller, ‘Anna’ , says: “They are so huge I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or, even better, something for Halloween perhaps.”



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