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Holland Moves To Ban the Munchies

by | 14th, August 2008

JAMIE Oliver and his in-the-know-know better than-thou food freedom fighters who campaign for equality in chicken and the casues of chicken, also cheap protein, would like this news from Holland:

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre wants the brakes put on the growth of snack bars and fast food restaurants. In neighbourhoods with an abundance of such outlets, it wants local authorities to prevent any more being opened. In areas around schools, its demands are even stricter: it wants a complete ban on any business selling fast food”.

Yeah, that’s right, Holland wants to ban the munchies.

Get stoned by all means, but do chow down on fruit and veg. And if you can burn of some fat by shagging in a shop window, then so much better. Perhaps if the laydees could be moved upstairs, say to the fourth or even the fifth flight of stairs up..?

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