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Big Foot Found In Time For Slow News Day

by | 14th, August 2008

MATTHEW Whitton, a policeman from Georgia “on medical leave”, and Rick Dyer, an ex-prison warden, have found the body of Bigfoot.

They retrieved the body of the legendary beast from a remote location in northern Georgia.

The creature stands 7’7″ tall, and weighs over 500 pounds. The body is covered in a thick matt of reddish hair. The feet are over two feet in length and over 6 inches wide.

The pair have called a press conference for this Friday, at which point the truth will be revealed.

Can’t wait. Only the story that sharks have been sighted off the coast of Devon and Madeleine McCann has been seen modelling children’s fashion in Helsinki can prevent his from being front-page enws…

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