Anorak News | Drugs Olympics 2012: Feel The Wheelie Bin Burn

Drugs Olympics 2012: Feel The Wheelie Bin Burn

by | 15th, August 2008

NO sooner has Anorak championed the 2012 Olympics as the Olympics of Drugs, then we read of a “craze of setting fire to wheelie bins and sniffing the fumes to get a high”.

The BBC reports :

Police believed the craze was behind bin fires in the Athersley and New Lodge areas of Barnsley.

Indeed, dear reader, fair it is that the Olympics should be passed about the land, like the burning torch, or a large spliff.

Says Pc Anthony Read:

“They were actually setting fire to the bins and the fumes that were coming off the bins they were inhaling.

“They were getting some sort of hallucinogenic effect – I think basically the effect they were having was the oxygen starved from the brains.”

In related bin news, refuse operatives have “refused to take a householder’s wheelie bin away because it was more than one stride away from the kerbside”.

As reported:

Gordon Morris, 70, said he was told his green bin full of garden clippings would only be removed if it was within a metre of the kerb – and his was 46cm (18in) further away. He said for the last 23 years he had left his bins partially on his driveway in Southwick, Wiltshire.

A local rep denies the 1metre policy is in operation, and Anorak hears from reputable sources that it is a three yard policy, as is right, proper and, lest it not be unsaid, in the very best traditions of Britain’s Olympic spirit…

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