Anorak News | Russia And US Agree: Let’s All Nuke Poland

Russia And US Agree: Let’s All Nuke Poland

by | 16th, August 2008


Given the history of Poland, the Sun’s headline statement solicits the enjoiner: “No, WE’LL nuke Poland”… “No, we’ll nuke Poland”…”No WE will”, and so on…

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or website)

The initial threat, says the Telegraph on its front page, was issued by a representative of Russia, a country that has yet to nuke anyone other than its own allies in the former Soviet Union.

Now, if the US said “WE’LL NUKE POLAND”, then the Poles can really worry.

The Guardian leads with “Russia warns we could nuke Poland over US missile shield”, a headline that suggests the Poles are well advised to get a missile shield, and waste little time in getting it out the box and plugging it in.

Of course , we could all agree that nuking Poland will give us somthing to nuke, and in the spirit of hands-across-the -world, we can get on with nuking it from all angles…

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