Anorak News | Katia Ivanova Makes Her Old Man Ronnie Wood Ten Years Younger

Katia Ivanova Makes Her Old Man Ronnie Wood Ten Years Younger

by | 17th, August 2008

“I’VE WON RONNIE,” announces Katia Ivanova via the News of the World’s front page.

And good on her for a buying a ticket and winning not the jumbo teddy but a sixty-something year old with issues.

Sexy Katia Ivanova shattered wife Jo’s hopes of reconciliation with the 51-year- old star to reveal they’re setting up home together when he leaves rehab this week.

Looks like everyone’s a winner as Katia gets her man, Jo gets to tell her story on GMTV and Ronnie is made to feel ten years younger.

“Ronnie’s moving on,” said Katia. “It’s a fresh start. He’s made the decision. He loves me and he’s LEAVING!”

And as soon as he leaves rehab, he’s leaving Jo…

And Ronnie put the seal on their romance with the special portrait he sent her as a 20th birthday gift.

It keeps on getting better for Katia. An old man and a drawing. Wow!

Says Katia:

“It’s been a fantastic birthday and Ronnie’s present means so much to me. It’s better than a lavish present bought on a credit card. I adore it, it’s so special and not about spending wads of cash.”

Who can doubt that? And what’s more:

A source close to blonde Katia said: “A friend has been looking at properties for them to rent and they’ve seen one they love. It’s got an 18-month lease and that’s a sign of their commitment. They’re even talking of buying an Afghan Hound puppy.”

An old man. A drawing. A big dog to walk and potty train. AND a rented home!

Katia was won. And is a winner…

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