Anorak News | For Queens And Country: MI5 Wants Gay Members

For Queens And Country: MI5 Wants Gay Members

by | 18th, August 2008

THE MI5 is looking to actively recruit gays to the service. Says the Mail:

Two of the ringleaders of the Cambridge spy ring, a group of graduates working in the service in the 1950s who passed secrets to the Russians, were gay.

Gays are always whispering into each other ears about this and that. It was only a matter of time before someone made a catty comment and someone else replied that they knew what such–and-such had been saying about them.

Ben Summerskill, a leading gay man, leans over and snipes: “We are confident that MI5 will in a few years time be a workplace that reflects modern society.”

Bond go undercover in a kebab shop, and, armed with a flick knife, set about sleeping with Brad from the C-yer I A in “To Serve Queen and Country”, a thrilled set in the men’s fashion section of the Grace Brothers’ department store. Oh! Oh! Seven?

Says a security service spokeswoman [a transvestite called Nigel]: “The service likes to reflect the broad range of UK society which it serves.”

Sailors apply within…

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