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The Best Fairground Food In Britain

by | 18th, August 2008

THE best thing about fairground food is that if the rides are any good the stuff won’t be in your body long enough top enter your digestive tract.

Compiling a list of which is best and worst food on offer at such venues is like arguing over whether Manchester United or Chelsea is the greedier, or if Prince Edward is brighter than Prince Andrew.

Still Which? Holiday has emabrked on a mission to sort the wheat from the … the puke from the merely pukey.

Which? registered dieticians found that Alton Towers and Tate Modern performed well, with a range of healthy food choices. However, Tate Modern was less impressive when it came to clearly identifying healthy foods.

Tate Modern features a urinal as a work of art. Expecting it to clearly label biscuits is asking and expecting too much.

So Alton Towers wins. And with any luck when you loop the loop on the rollercoaster, you can catch your food on the way back up…

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