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Jade Goody Victim Of Sick Indian Big Brother Stunt?

by | 19th, August 2008

JADE Goody has cervical cancer. Or as the Economic Times of India puts it: “Jade Goody detected with cancer.”

If there was one area of Jady Goody’s life yet to be exposed it was her cervix. But now that gap in her CV has been plugged.

Goody The Hoody is appearing on the Indian version of Big Brother. She is called into the Dairy Room and given the news.

One may wonder how she agreed to go on show when she has been ill enough to undergo tests for possible cancer, and why the enws was given to her on the telly?

Goody cries and tells the Poppadoms, Nans and other housemates that she has received some “bad news” and has to leave the house and the country.

Poor Jade.

She is either the victim of a cruel stunt, revenge enacted by Shilpa Shetty’s Indian fan-base, or she really is poorly…

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