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Madeleine McCann: A New eFit, Selling Books And A Rapist’s Cover Story

by | 20th, August 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “Madeleine McCann: Nanny’s new sketch echoes picture of kidnapper”

That’s the picture on the left. For wont of name, we’ll call him Cool.

This is the shadowy figure seen lurking in the bushes outside the flat from where Madeleine McCann vanished. And the woman who confronted the straggly-haired stranger eight months before is convinced he is the same man family friend Jane Tanner spotted carrying a child in pyjamas the night Maddy disappeared.

The man Jane Tanner says she saw is also on the left, for comparison purposes. They could be twins.

Despite telling police, British nanny Margaret Hall was not asked to help with an artist’s impression. Now, thanks to the Daily Mirror, a sketch of his face can be seen for the first time.

The Daily Mirror is on the case. It’s track record is impeccable.

Margaret Hall added: “My description of the man is very similar to that of Jane Tanner’s. He had long hair but it was quite scruffy and straggly looking. He had said ‘no’ in English but he was not English because of his skin colouring. He looked more Portuguese than anything.”

DORSET ECHO: “Rapist gets 13 year sentence”

A FORMER Burger King manager has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after being found guilty of raping a girl and 16 counts of sexual assault over a period of seven years. Ehmad Alguet, 44, of Esmonde Way in Canford Heath, Poole, was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10 to two on each of the 17 counts by the jury at Bournemouth Crown Court yesterday.


He also told the court he had looked at illegal porn sites because he was trying to trace missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

THE GUARDIAN: “Edinburgh festival: When comedians attack – What is the most jaw-dropping example of audience harassment by a comic that you’ve come across?”

Capurro’s show this year is basically a big can of carbonated outrage, shaken vigorously and hurled into the crowd, with jokes about Madeleine McCann, paedophilia and Islam all present and correct.

The Guardian loves Capurro, the try-very-hard comic.

BBC: “Born Yesterday writer at festival”

An author who wrote last summer’s news as a novel and another who went in search of a sporting superstar will appear at the Inverness Book Festival. Gordon Burn covered the Blair-Brown prime ministerial handover, Glasgow Airport attack and the search for Madeline McCann in Born Yesterday.

Madeleine McCann: That’s entertainment…

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