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Best And Worst Of British: Christine Ohuruogu And Gary Glitter

by | 20th, August 2008

GARY Glitter is at the airport. He’s dressed as a chav, with baseball cap on head and checked scarf pulled up across his face in true precinct gangsta fashion.

He’s the Mirror’s “CLUB CLASS PAEDO”.

Glitter, says the Mail on its front page, is the “WORST OF BRITISH”. Alongside Glitter is the “BEST OF BRITISH”, the Olympic gold medal athlete Christine Ohuruogu. She’s wearing the uniform of the New Britons.

Glitter has served time for abusing two young Vietnamese girls. He is in transit to Blighty via Thailand, but has yet to arrive back home. Is he the worst this country has to offer?

And what of the best, or as the words spread across Ohuruogu’s midriff on the Mirror’s cover spell it out: “THE GREATEST EVER BRITS”?

Ohuruogu is the 24-year old from Stratford, East London, whowas allowed to compete in Beijing having forgotten to attend three out-of-competition drug tests, an offence that carries an automatic life-time ban from the Game.

Little Miss Scatterbrain was, however, allowed to compete after the British Olympic Association rule banning athletes who have missed strict drug-related tests was overturned in the High Court.

She is the best of British. Fact.

And in light of that, we wish the Best of British to one and all…

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