Anorak News | Russia Is Leaving Georgia Seychas, Or Manana

Russia Is Leaving Georgia Seychas, Or Manana

by | 20th, August 2008

RUSSIA is leaving Georgia. When. Seychas:

Reuters entitles the news item “Russia starts Georgia pullout” but this is a little misleading. Russia is not starting anything of the kind; she is merely promising to do so.

Russian troops will pull back from Georgia’s heartland by the end of this week, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, but NATO said it was freezing contacts with Moscow until all Russian forces were out of the country.

This reminds one of the very popular Russian word, which has flummoxed many a Western businessman: сейчас (seychas). Its direct meaning is this minute (or this hour if you wish to be pedantic) but, in actual fact, it conveys a sense of urgency that is just inferior to the Spanish mañana. Yes, yes, yes, we’re going, we’re going.



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