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SWP Remembers The Jew Free Holocaust At BNP Rally

by | 20th, August 2008

TO the BNP Rally, where the SWP is recruiting:

At the demonstration against the fascist BNP’s “Red, White, and Blue” festival in Codnor, Derbyshire, on 16 August, the SWP was circulating a contact sheet.

The document (attached) described itself as a “petition”, though it had spaces only for names, not signatures, and the text directly above the name/ address/ details blanks was “Join UAF”. Then at the bottom it said “return to Love Music Hate Racism”, but identified itself as “initiated by Socialist Worker”.

Whatever. It was a political statement to identify and attract people to the SWP. The statement was about denouncing the BNP, and the real strangeness of the document was in the statement’s politics, not its odd labelling.

“The BNP”, it exclaimed, “deny the holocaust”. The author evidently thought that some readers might not know what “the Holocaust” was. So she or he defined it: “the holocaust, where thousands of LGBT people, trade unionists, and disabled people were slaughtered”.
End of definition. Jews too? No mention of that.

It cannot actually be that the SWP wants to appeal to people who may consider it all right that Hitler killed six million Jews, but think it too much that he also killed LGBT people, etc.

Or that the SWP itself considers that the killing of Jews was not an important, or not an objectionable, part of the Holocaust.

The SWP forgets to remember of remembers to forget?

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